Saturday, January 05, 2002

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

How does one become tired from doing boring office work all day?
I don't actually know or understand, but I, being that one, was indeed tired last evening from doing boring office work all day.

And what sort of boring office work might we be talking about?
Well, son, let me tell you something about life....filing various forms away isn't exactly stimulating. And that's what i did, filed filed filed...stuff. actually, a lot of accounts payable type stuff and expense forms. I was working at a company called Autonomy Inc., this software company that actually makes some pretty interesting stuff.

Basically, the Brit who started it is a billionaire so he must have found something people want. He uses a series of theories first developed by a mathemetician from the 1700s or 1800s (i can't recall) by the name of Bayes. Anyway, much of the company is based on this software that uses probabilities in locating data....or better yet, here's a short bit from their website (

'Autonomy's strength lies in a unique combination of technologies that employs advanced pattern-matching techniques utilizing Bayesian Inference and Claude Shannon's principles of information theory. By automatically forming an understanding of the concepts within the content of a piece of text or voice or by analysing an image or piece of video, Autonomy's software is able to perform a limitless combination of content-to-content, content-to-people or people-to-people interactions and tasks. And because this unique approach to information is a mathematical pattern matching process'....blah blah blah. you get the idea

It's actually pretty cool, the ideas and structure. I know they have a ton of clients, including many colleges and big businesses like GM. I saw tons of A/P slips for more than $200K each..serious money. They definitely had cash, as this office was located on Howard St. near Beale, not far from the Bay. You could see the top of the Bay Bridge from their office, and could pretty much get a gorgeous view of the bay no matter where you stood.

And there i was, working a temp job at the place making an hourly wage.

I didn't find the employees to be particularly friendly. However, I was working with the Financial department, so my personal interests and fun-loving attitude definitely wouldn't be totally fly with these folk anyway.

currently, i'm waiting to hear back from Medusa, an LA rapper with whom i have a scheduled interview with at 10 a.m. being that it's 10:35, something is definitely amiss. i've already talked with her manager, so it looks as though she will call me back. damn. i hope so. i need to do this story today if possible.

I'm not much into going out this weekend. I think i'm a bit wiped out from the last two weeks in michigan, not to mention my insane 3-day stretch of no sleep early this week for new years. not sleeping is not good.
i could have lasted much longer if i could have slept even a little bit. but alas, it was not meant to be.

oh gee. lessee, what else happened yesterday? after my long hard day at work (it seriously took a toll on me...from the non-speaking, boring point of view), i hung at tina's work for a bit to finish up some shit and then hauled my ass down to Pakwan in the Mission for some delicious dinner. I'm a sucker for that place. they have such damn good food. i got me usual: chicken boti, rice, naan (excellent bread), and Mango Lassi (essentially a thick mango milkshake to soothe the hotness of the onion-laden chicken).
the place was packed but being by myself and all, i had the advantage of sitting almost anywhere.

yay for me.

then i just hopped back on the BART and cruised home, getting here by around 10 pm.
though i had big ambitions for last night to do some reading and listen to some tunes, instead i found myself out cold before midnight. in fact, i may have fallen asleep before 11:30 p.m. since i don't remember making it to the end of the newscast.
yessir, i've been tired lately too.
strange isn't it?

i've got other problems right now. i can't find my missing MSU hooded sweatshirt or my super nice olive green shirt that i was going to wear monday to my first day on my new temp job at some advertising agency. i wonder if i either left it at dave pratt's house, tina's place, or my parents' house.. fuckin a, now i have to figure it out.

Second, all the business cards i gave out have the wrong zip code on them, which blows, dammit! now i have to tell everyone. computer keeps fucking up. at the moment, I can't open iTunes or Microsoft Word (i keep getting an error of type 11 showing up) and the computer has been acting funny for awhile. i think i need to do some clean-up on my computer, which i plan to do if this interview ever happens. i have no idea what is going on. luckily i have simpletext on my computer, so i'm able to still use some sort of word processing program to save my notes whenever medusa and i ever hook up. i've got conflict catcher and various software to ensure that things are working smoothly. i needs to do dat, yo. my computer won't shut down properly either. there is definitely something fucked up on this tip. damn.

on the cool interview with India.Arie for the San Jose Mercury News turned out to be more prescient than i would have guessed. she was nominated for a bunch of grammy awards when the announcements were made yesterday.

well, there's fires in australia to be concerned with and the woman's voice on my voicemail has changed, causing me intense grief and sadness. Yet, after seeing a smile on the guy who mans the counter at pakwan, all hope is not lost.

as they say in elementary school, Longer Letter Later (except you only use one "L," impossible here).

eat televised sporting events' snack food

your blanket of doom,

Erackino Eracknid

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