Thursday, January 03, 2002

Injury guaranteed unless approved before purchase.
or how i became a mint chocolate chip advocate while serving in the US Coast Guard as an adolescent

bloke says one thing to me and means another.

john farnum, a local bloke of about 19 or so, decided to fuck with me one too many times.
but he said it in a nice way.
unfortunately, i didn't believe his genuine tone. so i pushed him.
down two flights of stairs. he wasn't looking good.
but i couldn't help myself.
he was a liar.
and we all know that liars never prosper or win cheerios.
butterfly, for your health and kidsnacks.

did you ever stop and look at the small of your back? you should. it's important.
bankers never take you seriously.
blankfaced cashiers are an important part of my struggle with sanity.
toads make good looking paper clips.
fascinating nipple, sebastian.
good luck, pilgrim. i hope you find your pyramid chocolate bar someday. godspeed.
tantric cocoa isn't as good as malted milk paste with soda cream pie and crank.
you are an important part of your daily vitamin and mineral dosage.
please postman, wait a minute mr. postman.
wait mr. postman.
mr. postman look at me. oh yeah.
in a letter, a letter to me.
mr. powhoawhoawhoaostman.

thank goodness for law-abiding citizens or we'd all be shoveling shit in the greenhouse back at ernie's place.
did you ever stop and think that i might have personal feelings that differ from your blockage?
my condition requires me to stop thinking at this point and go look at myself in the mirror to find the answers the droids were looking for.

eat satisfactory geese droppings in case of head injury or algebra sprain.

your fatback beat,

Sam Sham and the Pharoah
plus stoney clark and meatball beam

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