Saturday, January 05, 2002

these are a few of my favorite things

Yanking nosehairs out of my nose with tweezers or fingers, without actually picking said nose.

Non-smelly teeth and breath (which go hand in hand).

People that call on time.

Cellphones that actually work.

Jesus Action Figure (miracles sold separately).

People who despise Kool-Aid.

Friends of cheerleaders.


Form-fitting trousers.

People who use the word "abhore" at least once a month.

Petroleum jelly.

My spinal cord.

Gunk between my toes.

Electro-Acoustic music (Tadd Mullinex, Four Tet)

To say "Don Ameche" several times in a row.

Wind tunnels.



Skin, especially the second layer.

Santa Bacon.


more more more!!!! sooooooon.
eat vanilla icecake.
love and onions,
grassy knoll fuck

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