Wednesday, January 30, 2002

dang, I've got rheumetism in my condition. i definitely need a sponge bath

i've decided to follow spaghetti.
it is the right way to do things.
not the wrong way.
i am so hungry, i could eat a landscape.
paste my face on the magazine, the silver screen, looking good let's preen, be seen in the scene, so lean and mean, can't you see where i've been?

god, i wish i were a ice capped mountaintop with sugar on it.
my eyebrow rules.
but only the one.

i do not have a monobrow.
however, i do have toes.

quirky letter writing is the best way to suppress jell-o pudding pop mania.
my dog's bigger than your dog.

i used to throw rocks at kids.

i know why the uncaged bird howls.
like ginsberg's howl.
i also know why i don't pay attention to lyrics in songs initially.
but that will have to come when i'm not tuckered out and wanting milk of magnesia next to my bed.

because remember, a doctor's bedside manner is just another form of hypnosis.

i like derrick, not derek, nor the dominoes.
tantric bears are better than spoiled pears. that's what i think.

nobody with a cleft chin ever wins at marbles.

eat blackened chargrilled bean curd,

hatred, glee and potpourri

Denny McClain

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