Tuesday, January 22, 2002

give me the drukqs

music on: Aphex Twin, because it fits in nicely with my current hyper-chaotic headspace

don't jab me in the eye just yet, please.
I've decided to bring back the ol' "elbow random people in the face and/or chest" thing. it really works for me. because i am an american.

"The Star Studded Bungler"
by Frankie the Kitty

oh say, can't you see?
by the prawn's early fight
what so loudly we fail
at the headlight's last beaming
who's broad spikes and bright cars
thru the merriless flight
o'er the landmarks we clocked
are so valiantly leaning
and the locket's left there,
the chain's bursting with flair
gave loofa through the fight
that our neckware was still fair.
oh hey does that star-studded flannel yet pave
o'er the hand of me and the comb of the slave

in my ongoing coffee battle, i decided to get off at montgomery today and head up to peets since i was running a bit early.
but once again, i was thwarted by accident...i ran into my friend Brian on the street, so we simply HAD to discuss important matters such as gum affinities and licking issues.
by the time our conversation was completed, i walked up another block and found the longest line ever coming outta Peets, people were fucking standing outside! i was like "damn, this is NOT going to work."
so i took a look at Torrefazione Italia and decided to give them a go.
pretty good. much better than shitty ass StarFucks, though i still don't think they're beating peets. then again, i'd give 'em another chance, so looks like i got me an alternative. too bad it's nearly as far away from my work as peets.
dammit all to HELL!
why can't i just accept some plain-ass coffee? what is wrong with my digestive tract?

on my way back to work after retrieving said coffee, i saw this fellow speedily walking along in a suit and wearing a hat of all things.
it was one of those cool jaunty hats that your grandpa really digs, but more stylish. it reminded me of back in the wayback day when seemingly every man on the street was sporting a hat. i was thinking "man, he's trying to bring back the hat scene."

And the way it was sitting on his head (tilted way forward, covering his forehead) made me wonder what planet this guy was from. almost as bad as those fellows who wear stiff baseball caps sitting on top of their head (like my dad).

finally, i've noticed lots of people spitting on the streets of SF. most people just do the traditional cough up the loogie scene, though this morning i caught a rarer kind: the thin stream of spit through a gap in your teeth.
even the sound of it hitting the concrete is different, a sharper, quicker "split" instead of a "splat" or "blach" or "thwaa."
he seemed very proud that he could do such a thing.
i gave him the crook eye in response, since it nearly hit my shoe.
i can't do the thin spit. i go for the traditional way.
just like some people can whistle extra loud and some cannot whistle beyond the puckered lips meandering whistle favored by octogenarians.

ok, i'm going to go eat some lunch and get to spitting.

eat random juice

love, echinecia and fennel

Marty Splockenfiver

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