Tuesday, November 06, 2001

The Beta Band was limp and wobbly for about two-thirds of their set last night at the Fillmore, then finally got the ball rolling with several tracks from the new album "hot shots II," including "squares." Overall, though, it was a disappointing show from the Beta Band.They had an interesting pre-show DJ and films, basically a series of silly video skits. Many of the films were also used in the show.
I just thought the band sounded rather lackluster and dull. Opening with "It's Not Too Beautiful," which includes the long interlude via the samples from "The Black Hole," lead singer went on this long vocal riff of nonsense that seemed like it'd never end.
As I said, the show finally picked up after they began playing their new material, way late in the set by that point.
Beta Band just may have dropped off the tim pratt top 10. They also lost out on T-shirt money from me. Good thing I didn't purchase the shirt beforehand.
On another note, this woman working the coat check was quite the pleasant one.
I walk up to the counter and see the sign that says "if you want earplugs, just ask for them." So i waited a couple minutes and was about to ask for my earplugs when the girl snarls "You want earplugs, right?" and pointed at this jar on the counter. So of course, i think the jar contains the earplugs. I reply "Yeah, how'd you know?" and she says "Because you're not carrying a jacket." Meanwhile, I lean toward the jar and i'm about to reach into the jar when she freaks out. "Don't put your hand in there! That's fucking stupid! That's for fucking donations!"
I felt like I was slapped in the face by my mom in the middle of the grocery store.
I was in this great mood and this bitch completely freaked me back into harsh reality for a few minutes.
Needless to say, I didn't give her any money.
Tina B. recommended that we write a note saying "Here's a tip. Maybe if you weren't such a bitch to people, you'd get some money." Yes, another fun-filled evening. Still, it wasn't a total loss.
The band proved their mettle somewhat with a great rendition of "She's The One" with all the band members playing various percussion. In fact, the group switched instruments on one song, though it was just so-so.
Methinks the Beta Band are more of a studio band.

Bacon bits aren't that good.
When you order bacon in a restaurant, you don't expect to get Canadian Bacon.
And when you do, that sucks.

Regarding the top 10: Add Monolake to the list.

Alright, I got bills to pay.
Get outta here.

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