Thursday, November 08, 2001

Interim shit............
Lunching in the city.
Ah, what a joy. It's nice to be able to enjoy a hearty lunch outside on a warm November day. Especially when you're hanging at Bistro Burger. I bucked the trend and had a grilled chicken sandwich instead.
You're exposed to a variety of things at the ol' Bistro Burger, such as:

-- Occasional whiffs of marijuana. It was funny watching the people walk down the alley sniffing and looking around to see who was smoking the kind. I never figured it out either.
-- A kindly Asian man handing postcard-size handbills to everyone at the restaurant. On the front is an obnoxious picture of some no-neck jock and a blonde bimbo wrapped around him, with the words "Tanning's back at Studio 325." Just what I need, a tanning salon.
-- A strange man walked up to me and said "Can you give to the cheeseburger relief fund?" Before i could answer, he walked away. A minute later, a woman was handing him a dollar bill. He won somebody over.
-- A 30ish woman stormed away from the table she was sharing with another woman, saying "And that's what I'm going to do!" She looked angry. She only ate half of her chicken sandwich.
-- A bike messenger looked like he was going to get in a fight with someone, though i couldn't figure out who with. He got off his bike and screamed various obscenities at the unknown perpetrator.
-- After careful consideration, I've decided that Swiss cheese is not my favorite cheese.
-- I'm going to launch my own Tet offensive today.

On a day like today, the only thing i can think of is...Whatever happened to Men At Work? They came from a land down under. I weep for Men At Work.

finally, here's one of the albums i cut from my Top 10 of 2001 list:
TROUBLEMAKERS: Doubts & Convictions (Guidance). OK, so I realize it�s not very hip to be digging on the downtempo grooves these days, but it�s hard not to appreciate the stylish atmospheric grooves of France�s Troublemakers. Combining breezy midtempo beats, scruffy cinematic soundscapes, noteworthy vocal samples -- including two of Robert DeNiro from �Taxi Driver� � with Latin funk, �60s kitsch, smoky jazz, languid hip-hop and swaggering bossa nova, this trio (DJ Oil, Fred Berthet and Arnaud Taillefer) effectively stirs up enough style and substance to keep you moving on the dancefloor. Doubts & Convictions works because it crawls into your brain slowly and effortlessly. Yet, the more you listen, the more complex it becomes.

coming soon:
-- A discussion about butts and their various sizes and shapes (jutting butts vs. flat butts)
-- The top 12-24 albums of 2001!
-- An interview with Don Cornelius of "Soul Train"
-- A discussion about who was the biggest bitch among the girls on "The Waltons." I say Mary Ellen. She was a big meanie.
-- And another saga in the exciting story "the man who has an eyeball in his messy studio apartment" (yes, i changed the name...i can do that).

so long, farewell

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