Wednesday, November 07, 2001

whoa, i guess i was a hit obsessed about death in that last segment.
don't cry.
dry. your eye.
said Slick Rick to that man.
So the Top 10 seems to be going fine and jim-dandy.
Except for the fact that that i have like 25 cds for my top 10.
i keep thinking of more.

did you ever notice middle-aged men love to jangle change in their pockets while they're waiting for stuff?
i have noticed this.
I've never worn Prada.
Thank you.
i must do things now and be a productive citizen.
Today's meal was two pieces of pizza.
i must go back to my database.
onward and outward.

to clarify: when i said that women pull their shirts down, i meant specifically older women who are generally a bit overweight. Of course, this doesn't mean that younger women don't do it either. But i notice it much more with the older generation, the plus 40 crowd.
They still do obsess about pulling their shirts down to cover things.

H.R. Pufnstuf was a fine being.
I sure wish i was zestfully clean.

Short things are much more fun to write than long-winded things.
Ok, i guess it depends on my mood.
And that changes from day-to-day.

somehow i need to figure out how to put my contact info on this here blog.
it's blog blog.
I would like the log lady to be on my blog.

pretty sneaky, sis.
stop being a character actor today!

excellent time for a cocktail.
brace yourself, i'm leaving this dimension.
there may be a small sonic boom.
cover every orifice, if at all possible.

Today I interviewed Death Cab For Cutie.
They are a band.
They like indie rock.
The question is: Do they run with scissors?

Peace in Detroit, panic in Pakistan
Oh my goodness.
Grave malls of ire.

Irridation should be used to clean the urine off the streets. I would pay for it with my lunch money.

Don't look at yourself in the mirror today. Make your mom proud.

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