Friday, November 09, 2001

Biz Markie is a funny fellow.
Mr. Markie and old school compatriots De La Soul ripped it up at a sold-out show at the Fillmore Thursday evening. I didn't think i would dig on the Biz but he was entertaining. He was playing a DJ set, on two of those new CD players that can scratch just like a vinyl record. I was surprised to see him doing that, but no matter. He was throwing down a wide variety of old school hip-hop. He'd play a few verses of a track and periodically interrupt the music so he could say something.
The best segment was when he played a series of old TV show theme songs, including "Sesame Street," "The Jeffersons," "Fat Albert," "Sanford & Son," and, of all things, "Cheers." That was surreal, especially when everybody was sort of singing along.
He ended with the theme to "Micky Mouse Club."
De La was out on stage within about 20 minutes after the Biz was finished.
They were rocking the old school as well, playing a number of tracks from "3 Feet High and Rising."
At one point, they were going a little overboard on where the "true party" was at, choosing from the people in the front (like me), the people in the middle, the people in the back, the people on the right side, the people on the left side. The people kicking it up in the balcony got dissed.
Anyway, they were good...what i saw of them. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, i enjoyed some tree action and then things started to get a little too overwhelming for me.
Pretty soon, I'm pondering the state of humanity, questioning our desire to watch other humans on stage performing music, and the ridiculous concept of being confined these weak and relatively strange shells we inhabit called bodies.
Yes, those trees were hardcore. Within minutes, I was bolting for the door behind my pal. I lost him in the crowd, and never found him again.
i ended up missing more than half of the show, including a rendition of Markie's signature song "Just a Friend." I heard it from outside though.
I have a headache this morning and need to do work.
at some point, i'll furnish the remaining albums o tha year.
probably not till tomorrow.
i be feeling like shite this morning.
back to the fun and exciting world of Commercial Banking.

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