Monday, November 26, 2001

fuck fee waybill.
the tubes suck.
they always sucked.
remember that awful song "she's a beauty"..she's one in a million girls...
god, horrible. horrible.
down with fee. he no be happening. he not good. no no.
ooooohhh no. senor senior.
dionne warwick is another one that should be shot down in flames. ok, maybe not that harsh of a punishment, but damn, she's goofy, no?
dontcha think? "that's what friends are for?" ummmm, go away. you must go away.
you bad example of "artist."
anybody ever wonder what happened to King? he had a minor hit in the mid-1980s, patterned after dead or alive. in fact, one could say he was a dead or alive copycat.
he was fey, had long hair that he swung right round baby right round like a record baby, really belted out the tuneage, he liked to stand atop large hills and/or mountains and outstretch his arms, and he surely loved america. as we all do.
i'm so patriotic.
hey, what about Marilyn? Marilyn was a minor pop star in the UK around the same time period. he/she was linked with boy george and is even included in the cast of Band-Aid...that loveable group that sings "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
maybe we should have a guessing game to figure out all the people that are in that song. and figure out how many of those people still have a career today. i bet it'd be a short list, though i know duran duran and u2's bono are still kicking it large. sort of anyway.
anyway...marilyn was a fine person. don't you agree?
i do.

that is all
live life, don't front and be kind, rewind.

eat duck bill with fee today.

your manager,

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