Sunday, November 04, 2001

if there's one thing i can't stand, it's random ranting for absolutely no reason.
i mean, what is up with those assholes? don't they know what i'm talking about?
who can understand anything anymore? it's all gone to hell.
and we all know where hell is.
bracing yourself is the first step.
i know this may not make the kind of understanding you desire, but at least you're one with nature and other things.
don't tell me about children.
i know who i am.
speed back on the promenade.
keep it on.
for this is the first and only way to understand exactly what i'm fucking saying.

on to other things of interest:
i need to pick my top 10 favorite albums of the year by wednesday. i needs to do it yo.
and other things. i also gotta get on top of. you know, you know.
at length, it tis.
here are some contenders:
floppy sounds
stacey pullen
beta band
steve bug
stewart walker
groove armada
to rococo rot
ursula rucker

i need to go through more of my cds, albums and things to fully make the decisions i must make.
but make no mistake, make no mistake is the biggest cliche used today, both as a joke to make fun of g-dub (whooo, i'm sly yo) and also to use in all seriousness.
make no mistake, i will make a decision. and make no mistakes, i hope.
i can only try.
troika is sitting up and nearly asleep.
i am full of pizza right now, freschetta.
it is 7:57 p.m.
i'm supposed to go to the city tonight but i really don't know if i'm going to make it.
on the other hand, ursula rucker is good. i'd almost rather go to that.
peace be with my butt.
i need to work on shit yo.
looks like i got me a fishin' pole.
love, crunkle

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