Monday, November 05, 2001

Ok, well it's 9 a.m. in the morning and i can't fight this feeling anymore, much like reo speedwagon.
woke up feeling like i didn't accomplish a damn thing this weekend, even though i did.
the dark days of unemployment are looming once again after a short respite. my temp job seems to be ending soon, as there's little work to be done.
unemployment is worse than ever, you know.
ugh ugh ugh.
looks like i've got a lot more work to do.
but maybe that's what all i should do. concentrate fully on just writing writing writing.
and stop worrying about other shit. thank god the show season is going to slow down soon.
but i'm going to have to not go out as much anyway. it's impossible to do as much as i have been.
somehow the concentration needs to be put into a few things.
god, i'm stuck in this fucked up catch-22 in that i'm not very happy where i'm living because i have roommates that are incredibly distracting and situation that makes it difficult to concentrate.
yet, i have to because i can't afford to move and with the potential loss of job again, i could be way fucked.
i guess i don't understand how i got where i am. but here i am.
something needs to happen. something needs to change.
the question is how to do so.
all this said, i had a pretty good weekend nonetheless. good hanging with friends and good chill time. never enough work actually completed, which always kind of annoys me.
if there was a way to get discipline implanted into my skull, that would really help immensely.

on another totally different note: a few more albums to add to the best of list:
peter benisch
mouse on mars
solea amphibia

2001 hasn't been the greatest year for clear-cut choices. lots of fairly good stuff, but nothing that really blew me away completely.
more ughness.

somehow i missed the benefit last night that many friends attended at 1015. chalk it up to plain old fashioned sleep and tiredness. just couldn't make it. i had places i could have gone too.
hmmm. you can't do everything.
somehow i wish i could do everything.
sunday is such a hard day to get excited about anyway.

well, my left eye is twitching and i need coffee, so i better move on out.
keep on keeping on and tell casey kasem he's in serious trouble.

love, chunk

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