Monday, November 05, 2001

Cracker love

OK, so today is a gorgeous day here in lovely San Francisco. Nobody's blown up our bridges yet either, which is a nice plus.
Let's hope we continue on that track, shall we?
As my pal Seofon says, "I'm open for monkey business."
I heard some great quotes in SF on Friday evening, walking in the Mission attempting to make the Day of The Dead celebration. of course, we missed them entirely, but we did see a lot of cool and nifty people walking about dressed as if they were dead.
Which is always good.
anyway, the quotes in question:
"He's gonna shoot you fo sho!" while the man in question nodded in agreement.
"She called me a ho but she don't even know me like that!" said the non-ho to her agreeing friend.
"I feel death swirling all around me" said the fellow in white-face makeup.

Thank you and keep driving.
I love it when people tell you that you're a "candidate" but never bother to get back to you.

Last week, I left my chocolate chip cookie in Peet's Coffee somehow. I don't understand how i lost the damn thing, but I did.
It was quite upsetting. Someone scored a free cookie.
Of course, I manage to lose many things.

Tonight is Beta Band! whoooooooooo. At the Fillmore.
I am quite excited. It should be a fine show for all non-humans, humans and sort-of humans.

Speaking of humans, we're pretty self-obsessed aren't we?
I mean obsessed with humans on a whole. We always look (i.e. stare) at each other, watch each other, sometimes hurt each other, project an incredibly wide range of emotions on each other and give each other physical pleasure via such odd practices as, oh i dunno, SEX.
All very strange concepts. We entertain each other, we make money off each other, we live off of each other.
Yes, it's a very broad philosophical question there, isn't it?

alrighty, well i need to take care of this pesky festering zit next to my nose so i better move on out.

remember, BJ and The Bear was a fine television program.
As was Manimal.
Eat soup today.

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