Monday, November 26, 2001


- beans are never as good as they say.
- sometimes alcohol tastes good in the morning.
- atmospheric drum 'n' bass is still better than techstep.
- my arms hurt.
- i've never bleached my pubic hair. i have attempted to shave it. that didn't really work out too well.
- i can't play bass guitar.
- i loved tang as a child. today i don't love it.
- i am currently hungry.
- i never liked ronnie james dio. i only fooled myself into attempting to like him because others said he was good. And I hated the fact that virtually every fucking writer for Circus and Hit Parader magazines (which i read fervently as a budding rocker teen) used the word "dimunitive" to describe Dio.
- Peeing is overrated.
- Eating is overrated.
- Sometimes, when I look at a large group of people, i think "man, all these people were created by people fucking." and yet, we are taught from an early age that sex before marriage will lead to trouble and we're taught it's dirty and blah blah wonder we have so many hang-ups about sex. everybody fucks.
- there is such a thing as too much house music.
- there is such a thing as too much cream cheese on my toasted sesame seed bagel.
- there is too much mediocre jazz appropriation going on in electronic music right now. it's a separate genre, ok?
- music is going to sound much different 10 years from now.
- just think: 100 years from now, you'll be dead.
- kicking can be fun.
- republicans still suck. Our fake president is dumber than ever.
- cassette tapes are becoming like 8-track tapes.
- marijuana is psychologically addictive
- MC Hammer was never good.
- Someday, Right Said Fred will return.
- Norman Fell is dead.
- Ducks are strange animals.
- Insurance companies are evil.
- Cable companies are evil.
- Money isn't real. It's temporary.
- I've never had an enema and don't really know exactly what it entails.
- I haven't had a shot in my butt since I was 4 years old.
- I cracked my head open in Chicago when I was 5 years old.
- I've broken many bones.
- I'll die with a stack of books and magazines that I'm "planning to read."
- sometimes i wish i could smoke without the health worries. i haven't had a single cigarette since May 4, 1999.
- i used to like crackers more than i do now.
- My parents never talked to me about sex. which is fine.
- i need to stop procrastinating.

love and biscuits,


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