Tuesday, January 14, 2003

actual email (barely edited) from myself to a friend i left behind in a land some men call michigan. here, we delve....


some names have been deleted to protect the guilty parties involved in these malicious hate crimes

hey [person of unknown origin, sex or creed],

nice to see you over the holiday.
hope everything is rolling smooth for you.
i am feeling fine in the 03.
what you think?


so i was just giving you a holler, to say, yo, i am still alive.


and hey, maybe i'll send you a cd-r with some mp3 mixes and such....live mixes by me. just because.
exciting isn't it?

i can tell you are especially excited.

i use itunes.
will that work for you?
you have a burner.

today i took a break from the hard physical labor job i do to grab a latte and bagel and, whoops, didn't bother to bring my jacket, wearing only a t-shirt and jeans.

and it was ok.

ah, san francisco. warm in january. it's been like high 50s daytime, cool at night sometimes (30s even, though usually low 40s)....

fuck yeah.

there's definitely a certain sort of, um, well, chill down your bones or back,,,whatever, you know what i'm saying.
in michigan, there is a cold, chilling feeling one gets down their spine during harsh cold winter..but it's much drier in mich..
here in sf, during the winter it rains a lot more, usually just showers not big storms.....so it's a lot more moist, a bit damp at times...always at least a small breeze, though in downtown SF it can get pretty windy out of fucking nowhere.
you'll go past a big building and then, POW!, you're hit by gigantor wind blast of doom, spelling certain disaster to the follically challenged who have learned from past experience and wear hats when zooming about SF's financial district -- of which i currently work in -- and short skirt-wearing floozies/hotties/slipshod would-be businesswomen and their ilk (though i can't say as if i would be offended if i saw a woman pull a marilyn monroe on the steam tunnels), and in fact, it seems like i have caught a glimpse or two of various panties and nylons or nothing, swept up by the ever so mysterious wind tunnels of doom.

it's never dull... just a different sort of weather pattern. more consistent, i.e. a mediterranean climate, being on the ocean and all.

so there, you got a brief and intriguing look at bay area weather patterns.
tune in next boxing day to hear more exciting non sequiter weather yarns, including san francisco micro climates, the joy of dense fog, and typhoon trivia.
paste your face on the medicine cabinet, press play and let your dreams become championship reality.
it's all in the cards. i can tell you that.

ok, bucker,

see you on the flip side.
my agenda this year looks like this:

miami - third week of march
detroit - memorial day
europe??? -- sometime between november 03 and feb 04. or if possible, that entire time.
i'm hoping to go at least a month.
i feel like it's something i have to do soon...i.e i really really want to go to europe.
somehow, someway or whey.

patch things up. i'm going there.

if all goes according to plan.

i am currently in the midst of a scheme.


back to whatever i was doing.....
always something.

say yo to your dog, whose name i cannot remember because i am a bit, shall we say, greased.

i'm down to scraps. my *friend* comes back wednesday.

tis all good, tho.

good day to you sir,


crackers are good. crackers are the solution to world peace.
mark my words.
and please,
make no mistake.

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