Sunday, January 19, 2003

today was one of those days when i actually said to myself "fuck, san francisco bugs me sometimes."

whoa, that's a new one for me.

maybe it was the overly friendly cab driver with the big fucking boil/giant purplish bump thing on his cheek, who brian snapped at when the fool was manhandling his mirror we had just purchased at bed bath and beyond.
shit, even there, poor brian was felled by nasty cart that wasn't really working and then he snapped at the super overly friendly guard at BBB, who complained a sign should be placed somewhere detailing the inability to use said carts to potential customers.
me, i was in there to buy a space heater since on the same day, wednesday, my car died, i was told that the san jose page was ending and our heater in our house stopped working. and it's been cold, not COLD cold, but cold for SF.
you know.

just all the walking around, bullshit and then we got on a bus thinking we were going the right way until we got to caltrans and they yell "End of the line."
fuck that.
end of the line.
and then she snapped at brian when he was trying to find out how to get to the rightone.
and then we took the cab.

yeah, so i just want to chill alone for awhile and veg before the onslaught overtakes me and i actually have to start doing something.
i am not going to freak out this time.
fuck that.
so here i go.

edward gorey thing last night seemed really cool. more later.
as was mcsweeney's, eggers' store on valencia.
really neato.

bye bye

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