Thursday, January 09, 2003

pop up ads are the bane of my existence. i fucking hate that gator shit. i just mistakenly clicked on something for fucking gator.

people in america are truly blind
this iraq thing is preposterous. and that's a good word to say a lot out loud with a lisper.

i just don't see how this is so important.

so fucking dumb. i wanted to say something else, but of course, as always, i forgot.


me and yoko ono...that dumb song on the new tosca. it's like that song "honey" on their last one. couldn't avoid it if you tried, especially when they release an entire cd consisting only of remixes of that track, 16 different ones, as i recall.

donnie darko.
bp for me.

oh, i know what i was going to say, watching the news last night, seeing the photos of these random arabic men, looking all ragtag, barely alive, almost as if they're being propped up by a small stick.
we're creating this racism. it's so's like nobody is asking any questions, nobody is saying "hey, what the fuck is going on here??" it's getting scary.

nothing is secret or sacred. not like that's a big surprise but still.
ok donnie darko, then that folder, then, programming, to meet billy sirr .




longer letter later.!

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