Monday, January 27, 2003

curly ass hair in the face of overwhelming defeat and middle sections

for the first time since i was a young boy growing up in hollis, i discovered a fine part of the human person: that would be the middle part.
if you really stop and look at it, it's a fine piece of machinery.
i noticed earlier this evening when a group of peeps were laying together, each laying opposite one another so one's head was up against another's feet.
middle section.
good. sure.

i love the smell of matches.
especially wooden ones.
they have a good smell.
in fect your nose.

so the oakland raiders have lost another superbowl. think of it this way: it means absolutely nothing.

the current helicopter madness - yeah, so it's kind of weird. there are all kinds of helicopters flying overhead looking for potential suspects.
people burning cars and such.
you know.

there's one now.
this is why i need a minidisc recorder.
so i can capture this lovely lovely sound.
don't you know about it/

forget vanilla ice cream. remember to enjoy only chocolate.

sucking - that is an interesting concept. suckin' on chili dog, outside the tastee freez.
back in black

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