Friday, January 17, 2003

i got outta my funky headspace...somehow, already.
i can't say i'm in the clear totally. hee.
the point is.
this is the point.
the point is.
i'm ok,you're ok. gee.
no it was cool,the free butter stop-in. even with dirty kfc (i did engage in some insta-whip potatoes and grummy gravy...yummy....but no chicken for me thanks). it got too crowded. but i did run into a pal who knows the owner of butter and we are goign to be introduced at a dinner party yet to be determined. but it's a good size to start something sorta small...crowd is questionable though tolerable...however, this WAS a night of free booze for two hours so as you can imagine it got pretty crowded.
this one dumb girl went up to every guy ina row and asked them (me first) how many piercings i had and where, how many tattoos i had (none) and kept on going through all of us.
but she was bullshitting and somehow i asked her (because i decided to call her on her shit) what she did and she says "oh i'm a hypnotist. see i'm wearing these sunglasses (she was, bad ones) so i don't hypnotize you." and i go "how do you make any money as a hypnotist?" she's like "not much."
i digress.
as always.
the devil is in the details.

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