Wednesday, January 22, 2003

did you ever think about the fact that when women say "i'm going to fuck you." it kind of sounds...wrong.

because....and i'm sure this will be a surprise to most.....women aren't the ones doing the actual "fucking" (unless, of course, they're wearing a strap-on, but that's a whole other issue saved for the next discussion "Why Jesus had an intense disdain for pants") --- see, men are doing the "fucking."
women are the "receivers," the "bottom" if you will.
and i'm sure you do, don't you?
hence, the terms bottom and top in gay relationships.
see, isn't this exciting new knowledge you can use in your everyday life?

current soundtrack "whatever else" by unknown artist on the compilation Button Down Beats

ok, ok, back to the matter at hand, right?

i also just downloaded norah jones because i am curious to know what she sounds like. i must keep up on all the current trends, being the news junkie and all.
and also, i am about to listen to the Bobby Hughes Combination's Nhu Golden Era, a fine fine release.

ok, here we go. watch my speed.
shuttlecocks for all

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