Friday, January 10, 2003

man i got denied before i was able to get to the starting gates.
of course, i fell asleep pretty quickly.

my nascent facial hair itches. that is total bullshit.

i think i'm going back to macworld for one more go-round.
it was fun.

safari, mac's new web browser, is nice....i'm even more excited about itunes 3, idvd, iphoto updates and that new software, Keynote, which i'll have to get. it's a souped up version of powerpoint, for macs.
the new laptops are kinda pointless.

it's a very surreal atmosphere. i have to go back.

rock and rolla.

i was noting earlier today that every single damn day i emerge from the BART tunnel, i never seem to hit it when i have the walk sign. every day.
i cry about it often.

one day, it will happen.

sutter station is a winner. even if it is a bit shady. a fine tavern.

and you keep your pants off.

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