Wednesday, January 08, 2003

i swear, i included my top picks in music so far in the year sometime in 2002 but i can't fucking find them.
dammit to hell and then some.

here's my final top 10 of the year, from my votes in the village voice pazz & jop poll.

1. Cinematic Orchestra - Every Day - Ninja Tune (15 points)
2. Streets - Original Pirate Material - Vice (15 points)
3. Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi - Warp (11 points)
4. Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots - Warner Bros. (10 points)
5. Royksopp - Melody A.M. - Astralwerks (10 points)
6. Jazzanova - In Between - JCR (10 points)
7. Koop - Waltz For Koop - JCR (9 points)
8. James Hardway - Straight From The Fridge - Hydrogen Dukebox (8 points)
9. Roots - Phrenology - MCA (6 points)
10. Metro Area - Metro Area - Environ (6 points)

Your Pazz & Jop singles ballot was submitted as follows:
1. Shaun Escoffrey - "Days Like This" - Sony
2. Osunlade presents Erro - "Change For Me"
3. Streets - "Weak Become Heroes" - Vice
4. X-Press 2 - "Lazy" - Columbia
5. Koop - "Summer Sun" - JCR
6. Missy Elliott - "Work It" - Elektra
7. DJ Shadow - "Six Days" - MCA
8. Ladytron - "Seventeen" - Emporer Norton
9. Goldenboy w/ Miss Kittin - "Rippin Kitten" - Emporer Norton
10. Dirty Vegas - "Days Go By" - Capitol

today, i stopped traffic. people should stop for me more.
that's what i think.
my bobblehead is no longer as good as yours.

don't you like my meter?

also, regarding that dirty vegas pick.
sure, i know it was used in a fucking commercial, but i still think it's a good song. i don't think the album is good (if it was, maybe it would have made my top 10 album chart).
also, the pick of the Roots is based on just a couple of listens to my girlfriend's copy.
but it's good.
i could right away how eclectic (a fave word of music critics, right up there with "aural" "recalcitrent" and "enfant terrible").
yeah, at least i am alive and feeling free.

and i mean the george michael song, not the paul mccartney song.

don't you know anything?


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