Friday, January 17, 2003

it was all a big scam. all of it. the whole fucking bubble bullshit.
as you can see,i'm right on top of the latest trends.
fucking bullshit.
amazing the same day i find out i may be losing my job for, oh, the third time now here in the bay area, other people are too.
but you know. that's not the real issue.
the real issue is fucking pancakes.
you know they are good. don't you charlie?
yes, yes i do.
they are quite good.
fattening but good.
i stuff them in my mouth often. they are a delightful chew.
i tell you pater, i tell you

now watch me choke on this blade of grass.


i have not left the forestry business yet.
join the national coast guard reunion battle ground erector set using soliders.
damn good ones too.

fudge pickles.
basically, that person is not alive.

look at least you get to keep the bunion stick.

of course i love gravy. except when punting.
then i don't need it. it's better this way.
learn how to steer.
mirror wall.
stever wonder.
wonder twin power, activate.
activation fees.
feces on my feet is neat and sweet.
sweet home alabama.
home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play
rangerovers are the scourge of middle earth.
stuck in the middle with you.
happy to be stuck with you.
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.

---longer letter later----

the ability to get really good drugs impresses people in San Francisco. this i know.
this i see.
come with me to the kingdom of domeheads.

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