Thursday, January 09, 2003

what was up the that confederate guy walking down the montgomery a few minutes ago?
i think he was confederate.
gray, that's confederates, right? he looked mean too, and he had a big chain around his neck. shit man.

when you walk downtown, you do the scan. the super quick sizing up of one another. split second, yesh. for sure. but you have to always be on your toes.

i notice that when i wear my detroit jacket, i catch more people's eyes. not surprising considering it's like bright orange stripe down the left side of my chest, alternated with white on a black denim jacket.

in downtown SF, people walk fairly fast (definitely not breakneck NYC pace).
but faster than your average San Francisco lolly gagger.
stompede - that's a fine new word.
i must tell you.
oh yeah, donnie darko.
that movie was soooo fucked up.

i need to find out more about that fine feature film.

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