Friday, January 03, 2003

why do i have a christina aguilera song in my head?
that song "beautiful" is actually pretty good.
it sounds like a ballad that could have come out 10 years ago, one of those timeless heartrendering things that just never go out of style.
i tell you what.

today's listening strategy:

i started off the day with dr. dre/2pac's "california love," an amazing track that still rocks.
yes yes.

now, i'm listening to the oddball sounds of Flanger's "outer space/inner space"
weird electronic jazz thing.


i have coffee.
i'm wearing a shirt.
my dad's old bowling shirt actually.
people love it.
simply everyone in the entire world loves it.
love me for my shirt.
i am beautiful. and gag me with a spoon too.
wouldn't that be fun? to get gagged with a spoon?
maybe not.
i don't know.

space and time.
time and space.
let my people go.
look at me, i'm sandra dee.

ok, remember to give to the united fey.

your friend,

who knows nothing.

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