Thursday, January 16, 2003

as i was saying, wobbly, sobbing,
in a beautiful place, which has a lot of vowels, the music i was listening to in the preceding discussion was Verve, a fine band.
old verve though.
like 1993.
as i said, old.

now boards of canada is playing. i am not shaking all that much.
i have a game.
i have turned my head again.
beautiful place.
not what i'm thinking. you are wrong.
change your mind.
you are wrong.
smell my flower in my butt.
emerging from my pants.
at the small of my back.
thank you for the small of my back.
it didn't exist before.
i remember those days.
what are you going to do with that stupid little space? oh i'll use it for smalls of backs. a small number of people will go apeshit about them and believe it's the key to life.
and you know what? they are right?

that's what i'll say.
to those people.
not the people reading this. but the other people. the people we don't like.
most people.
why are we so fucking obsessed with ourselves? has anybody stopped to ask that question?
we have to record every goddamn thing? it alll means SOMETHING.
now there are gobs of hard drives the world over overloaded with information about this age. why?
is it because we are already preparing for the forgone conclusion?
that we are all going to die and the machines are the only things that will survive.
there is more to this machine thing than you think.
not like i'm paranoid in any way.
i am not.
i certainly am not paranoid.
i know for a fact i'm not.
charles mingus maintains that he can create a self-portrait in three colors.

do you know how he does it from the grave?
up from the grave he arose.
you know all about that.

why stand at all?
why ?

threee. why three. trinity thing?
i truly believe we humans are missing something really really big.
and nobody knows about it. including me.
but something is happening beyond our control.
the whole human thing is really really weird.
but i'm not getting into all that now.
straw hats.
and crewcuts.
haircut 100.

sidewalk talk.
i think i'm ending for now.
sorry to lead you on a wild goose chase, duck chase, spooky chase, punjab crankola taste. at least you have freshness.

and that's all that really matters. freshness.

this is where it's happening.

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