Wednesday, January 22, 2003

what's with recent overuse of the words "premier" and "premiere."
first off, i see it used wrong at least 50 percent of the time. that's when people say "come join us at our premiere theater, the best in town or we'll cut off our hands" or "we have the premiere sound system of the bay area, guaranteed to shave off 5 to 10 percent of your hearing in one listen."

see, both of these sentences need "premier" not "premiere."
a movie opening for the first time, that's a premiere.
but if you're the best goddamned box cutter maker in the county, you are the premier box cutter maker, not "premiere."
oh how will i teach the youth of today? how?

people pick up on words and phrases they hear, repeat them, usually without knowing exactly what they mean.
"make no mistake, we will not fail, for we are america, strong of heart, will and shitloads of fat cells hanging over our belt loops."
make no mistake, geez, what a shitty phrase.
see, i MEAN what i say by adding "make no mistake," usually used to add emphasis. we mean business fuckwad.

off with their heads.
i wish my brother george was here.
or hear.
too bad my brother is david.

not actually too bad. he's cool. he wants to fire you though.
fetid is good.
i like fetid.
flammery. i heard that in an old english film, i believe "the madness of king george" (what what?).
excellent film, i might add.
and i do.

addition was always fun.
don't you think?

i am drinking coffee.
they are standing still.

i am getting up earlier since being laid off.
what is that all about?
wacky mr. tobacky.
wacko mr. relaxo.
fucked up mr. fucked up.

damn, i lost my patience/patients/nascent orange aid breath.

my collapsed lung sees all.
my iron lung loves magnetism. lots of animal magnatism.
for you are the magnet.
and i ammmm the steeeeeeeel.

i should have been a snake, huh?
i coulda been a contender.

pudgy chuck loves making love to wimpy winomena.
make love, inside your bead, everybody...
i played "get down make love" at the edward gorey event.
i am special.
i am loved.
i am woman.
i am womyn.
i am man.
i am human.
i'm only the Human League.
or the League of Nations.
it takes a nation of millions to hold us back.
back in black.
black widow.
black velvet if you please.
please please let me get what i want.
please please me.
Come see about me.
Come together.
Happy Together.
Happy Trails.

Happy is gone.
long live the fading memory of Happy.

pudgy alice doesn't like plump chuck anymore.
and that's total bullshit.
don't you agree shampoop?

love for sale.
a forgone conclusion.

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